atelier, loon op zand

The aim of the design was to achieve the greatest possible contrast with the monument and to merge the studio into the surrounding area. Although the permitted building volume turned out to be too limited for the housing of the office, this has been solved thanks to the spatial discovery of an extra space below ground level.
From the complete landscape design, restoration of the seventeenth-century national monument to the contemporary studio, among other things, this inspiring environment reflects in particular all of the agency’s capabilities.

project development, redesign estate, design studio

project: atelier Francine Broos
client: Francine Broos
projectdevelopment Estate op Het Sandt: Francine Broos interieurarchitecten
photography: Verne Photography en Francine Broos

published in Eigen Huis en Interieur, PI., architectuurgids Midden-Brabant en Häuser.
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